Casa Aquario - Alto Calheta - Tarrafal - São Nicolau - Cabo Verde
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Your hosts: Henny Kusters and associates


Image Unless agreed otherwise with the traveling agency, we pick up our guests after the short domestic flight to São Nicolau, mostly from the small airport (costs € 25). The trip to Casa Aquario takes approximately one hour. If you like, we can use the opportunity to get a good first impression of the island by taking the scenic route home. This way you get a small excursion straight from the start.

An excursion over the island
An excursion over the island
Also during your stay we can offer you, at an expense, the possibility to make the nicest excursions. These can be done fully according to your wishes.

On arrival in Casa Aquario we offer you coffee and a glass of chilled white wine. The reception is informal. We like our guests to feel “at home”.

If you like, we are pleased to guide you on

The village of Tarrafal
The village of Tarrafal
an introduction tour of the village, during which you will be introduced to the local villagers in their original neighborhoods, where time has stood still. You can also venture around by your self without any fear. The locals are very friendly, and if you ask permission, they are pleased to pose in front of a camera. 

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